Increasing Cocktail Sales by 8% Through a Better Menu Layout

The Brixton
“Since the launch of our post-Covid food program a we have seen a significant revenue increase in our food program! Especially items that have the highest margins for us."
- GM of The Brixton


Based in San Francisco’s historic Marina district, The Brixton is a classic establishment known for its diverse cocktails and good vibes. The Brixton turned to Flapjack to make their current menus more profitable. 


Using The Brixton’s sales data, online reviews, and food costing, Flapjack ran multi-dimensional machine learning models to rank dishes and menu categories against each other based on profitability and popularity.

Flapjack's analysis concluded that the sale upsells such as cocktails and sides could be increased if they were placed in a more prominent section on the menu. 


Flapjack's experienced design team produced a visually stunning menu that emphasized The Brixton’s cocktail program and higher-margin dishes.

Using machine learning, behavioral economics, and hospitality research, the new menu subtly nudged customers towards larger tickets and upsells.

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