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Larger Covers Through Sashimi Sets

Saga Kitchen
2 Weeks

Known for serving a variety of Asian-inspired cuisines, Saga Kitchen is Alameda’s only Pan-Asian food hall. With four different concepts under one roof, customers can order everything from Slurp Shop ramen to Sachi Sushi sashimi to Yue Club dim sum. Always embracing new technology, Saga Kitchen turned to Flapjack for a new data-driven menu.

Using food costing, sales data, and eye-tracking studies, Flapjack ran multi-dimensional machine learning models to look for opportunities within Saga Kitchen’s menu. Flapjack's analysis concluded that Saga Kitchen should emphasize Sashimi sets and dim sum sets over other categories. These items were already popular and had higher margins compared to the rest of the menu.

Flapjack's experienced design team produced a visually stunning menu that emphasized Saga Kitchen’s unique aesthetic. The new menu subtly nudged customers towards more profitable dishes, leading to larger check sizes.

How to Increase the average spend per customer
Position sushi and sashimi sets in a more prominent menu area
Increase in average cover size